Caught on camera: Horse on the highway and escape baboon explores airport

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HOUSTON - Whoa! Check out a horse hoofin' down a Houston highway Sunday afternoon with traffic whizzing by.   Tomas Huerta caught the runaway horse on camera and posted it to Facebook.

Not sure where he hangs his saddle or where he was headed. Fortunately, a concerned trucker managed to rein him to the side of the road.

The horse didn`t get hurt, but he was clearly unstable!

There's other critter business a little further west.  Monkey business!

While on route from Chicago to an animal sanctuary in the Alamo city, a 40-pound primate named Dawkins escaped his cage in the airport.  No passengers or flights were affected while Dawkins hung around baggage handling, literally,  for about two hours.

"It's a lot of belts and bars. It looks little bit like a jungle," said San Antonio's aviation director, Russ Handy. "He was having a pretty good time up there."

"He was never near any aircraft, or moving vehicles," explained a baggage handler. "He actually came in here, which was probably the safest place for him to go."

Capturing the rogue rascal required an entire crew, and a tranquilizer gun.  "It was like watching special operations pushing into combat territory," said Handy.

An unidentified traveler said it was a unique experience, for sure. "I don't know if I've ever had a baggage delay from baboon."

Most travelers took the whole thing in stride, and no one went ape!

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