GoPro stumps astronauts about to take a walk in space

HOUSTON, Texas - Astronauts are among the intellectual elite here to maintain the International Space Station while flying around the Earth at more than 4.5 miles per second, but even they can experience an epic fail.

While prepping for last week's spacewalk outside the International Space Station, Drew Feustel became stumped by technology.

"Houston, I got a question about the GoPro real quick," Feustel can be heard saying.

"We're all ears, go ahead," Ground liaison Butch Wilmore responded.

"I'm pushing the button I see a 'No SD." Do I need that to record?" "And if it says 'No SD,' what does that mean?" "I think that means no card."

Feustel was unaware that Modern GoPro cameras have no built-in memory so no SD card means no pics.

But that didn't stop this Space engineer of the highest order.

Feustel managed to complete the mission without the GoPro, which just goes to show, sometimes we all have to do our best with the tools that we have been given.

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