Letters of encouragement for Santa Fe High School go viral

HOUSTON -- Cyber support is trending with letters to Santa Fe High School survivor and hero' Colby Rosenboom.

Instead of making a run for it, Rosenboom's family says he was shot in the hip while rescuing a female classmate in art class. Rosenboom noticed she was paralyzed on the floor with fear during the mass shooting.

In a Facebook Post, a family friend asked supporters to send letters of encouragement to Rosenboom as he recovers from his injuries. She also requested users  to share love as he battles survivor's guilt and post-traumatic stress following the tragedy last Friday.

With more than 4,500 shares and 1,500 comments, it looks like social media is up for the challenge.

Like Rosenboom, students of Santa Fe High School still have a long road ahead. Check out the video above to hear words of encouragement from the community of Santa Fe.