UN Ambassador Nikki Haley interrupted by Palestinian protesters while speaking at University of Houston

HOUSTON - Talk about awkward! When U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations-- Nikki Haley-- showed up to give a speech at the University of Houston on Tuesday, she was all set for a calm, informative discussion on global challenges.

"Houston gave us all a master class in how to be good citizens and good human beings," she remarked.

Then, right on cue, the ambassador faced a global challenge of her own!

A group of Palestinian protesters began chanting from the crowded auditorium.

"You allowed a killing spree!" they chanted. "Haley, Haley, you can't hide! You said no more genocide!"

The protesters yelled "Free Palestine!" as they slowly made their exit.

Stunned onlookers wondered what the ambassador thought?

"You know, while disruptive as they might have been, it's a reason to celebrate," Haley coolly declared. "Because my husband and my brother are combat veterans, and they fought for their right to be able to do that."

After the outburst, the ambassador put things into perspective.

"Thank God we have the ability to say what we think!" she added. "Or when you go and you look at the situation and see how safe we are, 'Thank God we're in America!'"

In the end, Haley gave students some sound advice.

"Foreign policy is the wave of the future because countries are interacting more, we're dealing with more issues on an international level-- and we're gonna continue to see that," she said.

Yes, even at UH!

And Ambassador Haley showed off her foreign policy skills in person.....demonstrating class and patience-- and plenty of diplomacy!