Gun violence is the topic of conversation from the state capitol to the nation’s capitol

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AUSTIN, Texas - Two down, one to go.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott is in the midst of day two of brainstorming how to curb gun violence in our state.  He's brought to the table parents, students, educators, politicians, victims and folks on both sides of gun legislation.

"We want to consider programs that will reward students for sharing information," Abbott said.

He believes classmates are often clued in to volatile situations before someone pulls a trigger, causing tragedy.  He also stresses that saying something immediately after seeing something that doesn't feel right is key.

Abbott is up for re-election and some skeptics believe his call for conversation is politically-motivated since he's voiced pro-gun rights opinions in the past.

Thursday's round-table topic will focus on victims, from the state capitol to the nation's capitol, and the gun violence prevention task force.

Rep. Ted Deutch (D)/Florida asks, "Will the adults move past partisan gridlock? Will we move on to an honest debate about solutions? I hope we will and I want these students to inform that debate."

Democratic members of Congress were all ears on Capitol Hill Wednesday as high school students from across the country did all the talking about gun violence on campuses and city streets.

"Columbine happened one year before I was born. Sandy Hook happened when I was in 7th grade. The Pulse Nightclub shooting happened during my sophomore year of high school. Las Vegas, Parkland, Great Mills, Waffle House and now Santa Fe have all happened during my senior year of high school." said Daniel Gelillo/Rockville, MD.

"An A-rated school in a rich suburban neighborhood in south Florida is supposed to be scared of a gunman with an AR-15 coming in and killing us. There's absolutely no way that should be the norm," said Alfonso calderon/Parkland, FL.

"If you truly care about us, you will be doing all you can to save our lives," said Taylore Norwood/Chicago, IL.

Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi told the panel of kids, "It is inevitable to us that we will pass strong gun violence prevention legislation."

"We have to be brave and face the fact that our nation has a problem with gun violence. We have to be bold and be the solution. And we have to act now because tomorrow isn't promised," said Malachai Dunn/Miami, FL.

These congressional leaders listened and suggested the student leaders could have an even bigger impact, come November, at the polls.

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