HISD launches investigation after administrators allegedly caught changing grades at Furr High School

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HOUSTON -- All eyes are on Furr High School as an investigation is underway by HISD. The district found that at the once-acclaimed high school, administrators have been changing grades, passing students, even if they didn't make the grade at the end of the semester and sometimes without the teacher knowing about it.

"I find it concerning, because that lets me know that if he don't come to school and apply himself, and a teacher feels like he needs to be passed along, then they'll just pass him along," said Furr parent Nicole Day.

The district says per the investigation, Furr administrators also didn't allow teachers to give grades below 50 percent, regardless of student performance or completion of work and grades were changed at the end of the semester to appear to give students passing grades they didn't earn.

"Our children are suffering, and the ones that fall through the cracks, who's going to pick them up, who's going to help them," said Amy Buehrer a community member.

Attendance records were also manipulated. The district says they are addressing these matters.

Back in October, long time and well-known principal Bertie Simmons was let go after "inappropriate conduct" allegations and students protested in response.

Her lawyer says she looks forward to holding HISD accountable for its illegal conduct in court.

He also told Newsfix Wednesday, HISD's investigation always was and remains a farce designed to justify its illegal discrimination and retaliation against Dr. Simmons.

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