Brazilian couple found guilty in international kidnapping case involving Houston grandson

HOUSTON - A Federal jury has found Brazilian grandparents-- 67-year-old Carlos Otavio Guimaraes and 65-year-old Jemima Guimaraes-- guilty of international part of a Houston custody battle!

But, the couple were found not guilty of the more serious charge of international conspiracy to commit kidnapping, which carries up to a five- year Federal prison sentence.

Now each grandparent faces up to three years in the Federal pen, but final sentencing will happen at a later date.

The guilty kidnapping verdict has to be a shock to high-powered attorney Rusty Hardin-- known for winning many high-profile cases in the Bayou City.

But the court's decision is a hollow victory for the Houston father-- Dr. Chris Brann--  at the center of the case.

Brann claims Nico's mom-- 39-year-old Marcelle Guimaraes-- kidnapped the child back in 2013, taking him on a trip to her native Brazil-- and never returned the boy.

Both mother and son reportedly remain in Brazil, but the grandparents were nabbed by the Feds at the Miami Airport during a trip back in February.

Brann shared his frustration outside the courthouse last February.

"If he were brought back as soon as possible, I would advocate my hardest to make all of this be in our rear-view mirror," Brann said.

But that has not happened.

Now an international waiting game everyone waits to see if either side will make the next move.