Houston is one of worst places for young adults to land a summer job, study says

HOUSTON -- Attention slackers, today is your lucky day!!
Summertime is near, which means your parents have three magic words they want you to hear.


Don't worry, we have your back, grab your parents and pay attention because Texas is the worst when it comes to landing a summer job or internship. At least, that what some researchers say.

According to WalletHub, major cities in Texas scored some of the lowest rankings on the market for hiring young adults ages 16 to 24 during the summer.

Houston ranked 99 on the list,  a huge disappointment for the "Energy Capital" of the world.

Rankings are determined on a point system based on the youth job market. On top of that, it
factors in employment growth, population, minimum wage and unemployment rates.

But if you do want to get out of your parents basement, we suggest heading west.
Scottsdale, Arizona came in hot at number one for employment.

If you want to stay in the Lone Star State, Austin may be the place to be, ranking 13th on the list. Can you believe Dallas ranked 34th place?  But Fort Worth came in nearly 100 slots below at 131.

The lesson for today is, when it comes to finding a summer job... Don't mess with Texas -- or so they say!


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