On again, off again: NOKO Summit may be back on again….or maybe not.

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Is the North Korean Summit slipping away......or back on track?

"We're going to see what happens.  We're talking to them now," President Trump told reporters outside the White House.

Well, the on-again, off-again summit has been making waves around the world since President Trump pulled out of the peace talks over what he called the North's "tremendous anger and open hostility."

But then, as if on cue, North Korea changed its tone.

The Hermit Kingdom put out a statement Friday indicating Kim Jong Un is still willing to meet with Trump "at any time."

"It was a very nice statement they put out," Trump added. "We'll see what happens."

POTUS tweeted...."Very good news to receive the warm and productive statement from North Korea. We will soon see where it will lead, hopefully to long and enduring prosperity and peace."

"This is really a very high stakes game of international chicken," former Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken declared. "Each leader thinks the other needs the summit more than he does. And so they're both ratcheting up their demands."

But actions speak louder than words-- and at least the North did blow up its nuclear test site as promised.

"The discontinuance of nuclear tests is an important process moving towards global nuclear disarmament," the North Korean Deputy Head of DPRK Nuclear Weapons Institute announced.

So, maybe the summit is still happening, afterall?

"It could even be the 12th. We're talking to them now. They very much want to do it, we'd like to do it," President Trump said. "We'll see what happens."

What ever happens next-- just consider it the art of the deal!

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