Critter News: Snake interrupts ball game, bear eats ice cream at DQ drive-thru, and Chinese marmots clash over a ‘date’

SAN ANTONIO - We've heard of a snake in the grass.....but how 'bout in the outfield?

"Are you kidding me? I have never seen a snake on the field!" broadcasters yelled during a San Antonio Missions minor league baseball game.

Yeah, the game was interrupted by this slithery spectator!

The fielder's choice on this play was to 'play it safe' by letting the groundskeeper crew take over, but as you can see....they struck out a few times before they finally wrangled the snake.

Next up......I scream, you scream.....even bears scream for ice cream!

Yep, here's something you don't see everyday at a Dairy Queen drive-thru!

This one-year-old Kodiak bear named 'Berkley' lives on a zoo refuge in Canada.

Berkley's owners face charges over the little field trip for failing to report the bear was going out-- even though they set it up with the DQ, which was closed to the public.

Berkley's owners say they'll plead guilty in court on Monday, but they hope to sway the judge it was a bear necessity!

Next...guess what popped up in a San Antonio family's attic?

No, not a Tigger, but close.....a batch of bobcat kittens!

At first the family who found them said they were Bengal kittens, but they had to call animal control after the adorable little furballs bit and scratched the hands that fed them.

"We're feeding them the first time, it was fine," Jane Dinscore revealed. "The second time, it was not. It was bad." The bites and scratches left plenty of scars, too.

Turns out....animal control believes the kittens were taken from their mom in the wild, but now they will likely have to grow up at Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation.

Finally, check out this critter confrontation caught on camera in China!

These are a couple of marmots fighting over-- what else?-- but a female marmot.

It all started when this one male was hanging with the female, but all of a sudden this other male showed up to be a real wedding crasher.

Then the two male marmots decided to settle their differences in the middle of the road.

Only problem is......when they both heard a car coming-- they high-tailed it outta there.

Oh well....that settles it-- it was one for the road!