Plane passenger gets unruly after demanding drinks

MIAMI - An American Airlines flight to Miami from Saint Croix got pretty intense after passenger Jason Felix must have felt he was part of an "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" episode.

Felix was demanding to be served more beers. He was recorded on a cellphone from another passenger.  A flight attendant could be heard saying, " Please sit down, I'm not bring you anymore beer. We'll be there in an hour. Why are you upset? You've already had a couple of beers..."

Felix created a commotion by demanding more beers and firing insults to flight attendants and saying that he knew his rights and he'd have the workers fired.

Other passengers had to step up and help try to calm down the belligerent drunk, even wrestling with Felix mid flight

Authorities busted Felix when they landed in Miami. he faces federal charges of interfering with a flight crew.

For the crew and the passengers having to deal with that fiasco... this Bud's for you!