Caught on Camera: Officer punches woman on beach at the Jersey shore

WILDWOOD, New Jersey - It was the punch heard all around the shore!

Beach goers at the Jersey shore saw the kind of scene we're used to seeing on MTV's 'Jersey Shore'....not exactly this Jersey shore.

Turns out.....according to 20-year-old mom-- Emily Weinman-- she says cops approached her about underage drinking and even gave her a breathalyzer she claims she passed.

But when she refused to give up her name....all hell broke loose!

"We saw her getting hit kinda like, we just saw it all happen firsthand," eyewitness Julia Cortez, who was napping on the beach right near Weinman, recalled.

"The next thing we know we hear all this commotion and yelling," Alexis Hewitt, who recorded the police arrest on her cellphone, said. "I woke up and realized there were officers and everybody running around, so I immediately grabbed my phone."

So, did the cops go too far?

"Well, it's a little excessive, I think," one person decided after watching the cellphone video of the incident.

According to police and some witnesses, though, before the officers threw punches....the woman spit on an officer and even assaulted one cop and kicked him in the groin while resisting arrest.

So they claim the cellphone video doesn't capture the entire ugly scene.

"Stop resisting!" a person can be heard yelling during part of the video.

Still, the Wildwood Police Department has placed both officers on administrative duty while they investigate.

Afterall, they'd probably rather serve Hawaiian Punch.....than a 'Jersey Shore' punch!

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