NFL Star Adrian Peterson teams up with community activist for peace walk in Houston

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HOUSTON — Adrian Peterson is a tough guy on the field, but off the field, the NFL star is hoping to help keep the peace! His All Day Elite Camp is teaming up with the No More Bloodshed Movement for the Stop The Violence Peace Walk on Saturday.

"We're going to march down and try to spread the word so people can see how much bloodshed is happening," Peterson said.

Community activist Deric Muhammad will be leading this weekend's walk. He said it's time to put a stop to the senseless loss of life.

"We're calling the community out to take to the streets to use our collective voice to raise our voices against the violence and also put our heads together to see how we can solve the problem," Muhammad said.

For Peterson, the solution starts with being smart.

"I'm a big tough guy, but there are times I've been in altercations and I've backed down because that was the right choice," Peterson continued.

A.P. says the walk is about showing the community there are no winners when it comes to gun violence. The peace walk commences at 9314 Cullen Saturday at noon, and the following weekend, Peterson will be hosting his All Day Elite Camps, where kids will get to learn the fundamentals from a pro!

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