‘Prep rally’ at Peck Elementary just in time for hurricane season

HOUSTON — There's no getting around it, the beginning of the 2018 hurricane season is upon us. And if the utter devastation left by Harvey on the Bayou City has taught us anything— it's that we have to be prepared!

The non-profit group Save the Children held a prep rally for students at Peck Elementary to give them essential tools needed to be ready for any natural disaster.

Kids learned 3 steps of preparedness.

  1.  Know your emergency contacts.
  2. Gather the right supplies.
  3. Have an evacuation plan ready.

Students also signed a pledge to implement an emergency plan at home.

A lot of students are still displaced from Harvey. Houston ISD has plans to rebuild Braeburn Elementary, Scarborough Elementary, Kolter, and Mitchell by 2020. Renovations are also underway for Robinson Elementary and Hilliard elementary damaged by the hurricane. And HISD is in search of a new home for liberty high school which was a total loss.

It's part of the conversation folks, prepare you kids and your families today. And good luck this hurricane season.