Tennessee couple’s double proposal goes viral 

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MEMPHIS —  A couple in Memphis decided to double their pleasure and double their fun!

They say great minds think alike-- and that was the case for this pair because they both planned a secret proposal to one another-- at the same time!

The whole thing was caught on camera as they each tried to pull the ultimate surprise on the other while posing for pictures outside the Memphis Zoo.

Suddenly, one woman dropped to one knee, pulled out a ring, and popped the question.

But instead of answering, her stunned partner went through her purse and pulled out another ring and dropped to a bent knee herself!

"What are you doing? Oh my God!" she screams during the second proposal.

The video of their off-the-cuff proposal has gone viral on Facebook, and they've posted an update saying they are overwhelmed by the positive response they've received.

Guess it's true love for sure after all that. Now the only way to top that may be with double wedding bells!

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