Willowridge High School student surprised with brand new car

HOUSTON — A music mogul turned sponsored Nike athlete is not something you hear of every day, but self-made millionaire Charlie Jabaley is changing the game. Jabaley left the music industry to lose 125 pounds from his 300 body and to heal his brain tumor through clean eating and living.

During his journey, he started running in marathons and picked up a Nike sponsorship to be an Ironman competitor. After reinventing himself he is now helping others follow their dreams.

As he sets out on a national 4,081 route known as The Dream Machine Bike Tour to help transform one million lives, and he did just that with Houstonian Sionna Brenn.

The 19-year-old has had quite a ride. The Willowridge High School student was separated from her family after she came here from Ethiopia.  She was placed with a foster family in Jackson, Mississippi, where she was a victim of physical and mental abuse. Now she is in Houston and is determined to become successful. Brenn excels in school and works 35 hours a week at a Starbucks to pay for her rent all while trying to save for college.

While she has a lot to worry about transportation is no longer on the list. Jabaley surprised her with a brand-new car as an early graduation gift and to help keep her inspired throughout her journey. "I just want to say more than anything, glory to God he's a provider. I didn't even ask for a car. I’m in a dream right now,” said Brenn.

"Everywhere we go we are looking for people who have dreams and how we can help them,” Jabaley said.

Brenn plans to attend the University of Texas in San Antonio where she will major in dentistry. The Dream Tour kicked off in Santa Monica and will end in New York, but the impact Jabaley is having will last a lifetime.

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