Australian valet crashes Porsche while parking; Chinese police pull over woman driving bumper car

GUIYANG CITY, China — A woman in southern China went for a spin in a slightly unusual vehicle— a pink bumper car! Some may say the driver was crusin' for a bruisin' when she took her ride down a busy road.

Closed circuit cameras showed the driver was pretty much joy riding all over the place while surrounded by plenty of traffic. That's when law enforcement moved in! Cops gave the woman a stern lecture and then decided to take her bumper car away.

Turns out, the driver runs a bumper car business, and she saves time by transporting her cars from the shop to her business.

We just hope she realizes other cars don't exactly bump the way hers does!

Meanwhile, in the land down sometimes go under.

At least a Porsche Carrera did after a valet worker botched the parking job in front of a Sydney hotel and crashed it under another car.

Eyewitnesses say the valet probably panicked and ended up hitting the accelerator instead of the brakes.

The Aussie valet has since apologized that ought to take care of it, right?

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