Critter News: Wild goose chase at MLB ballpark, a moose on the loose, the bee’s knees and more!

DETROIT, Mich. - Here's a wild goose chase at a major league ball park!

Yeah, the Detroit Tigers had an uninvited guest drop in-- literally.

"Nope, he ain't going anywhere. Worked all night to get these seats," the game announcers laughed as this Canadian Goose decided to crash a Tigers game against the Los Angeles Angels-- and refused to be ushered out of the stadium.

But then the wayward goose really crashed the game!

"Oh! ...Ran into the scoreboard, down goes the goose!" the announcers declared.

Turns out.....the goose is alright despite the crash landing into the stands.

In fact, the Tigers like the goose so much, they've made it their new mascot-- the 'Rally Goose!'

Okay, just as long as it flies the coop when the Astros visit Motown!

Next up.......speaking of ruffled feathers, these scholarly ducklings in Minnesota roam the halls of this school where their mom nests in the courtyard every year.

It's an annual tradition at the school, but those slippery floors can wreak havoc on tiny webbed feet.

Guess they didn't get the principal's's out for the summer!

And in Paris......uh, Paris, Texas-- that is, something else created quite the buzz: a truckload of bees overturned on the highway!

Officials say up to 30 million bees hit the road-- and went swarming everywhere and clustering on road signs.

Traffic had to be diverted and local bee keepers were called in to help move the bees to a safer site.

Now they're minding their own bee's wax!

Finally, this isn't just a story about the birds and the bees.....there's a moose on the loose!

Yep, this moose in Utah created quite a stir on a golf course.

"Just to give you a heads up, there's a moose here!" golfer Mark Redican recalled the groundskeeper there in Park City warning him.

"I'm getting ready to hit my shot, and all of the sudden, she's like 'oh my God, Red, here comes the moose!'" Redican revealed his wife told him.

The giant creature went charging at a golf cart twice!

"And this moose is just lumbering at us it's coming in hot," Redican said.

But for this die-hard golfer, the game went on.

"I was right in the middle of the fair way. I actually ended up paring the hole," he admitted.

Thanks to Mr. moose......that was par for the course!

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