People in these 12 professions are most likely to cheat, survey says

HOUSTON — Attention job lovers, the secret is out!

Loving your work is one thing but having a lover at that's another story.

We're talking about cheaters in the workplace, and the top 12 jobs you're most likely to "do it."

This study comes from the Ashley Madison's dating website— you know, the one for hooking up with married people!

Well, they compiled a hit list of careers you should get a pre-nup for after surveying 1,074 users about their jobs.

Women working in the medical field are breaking hearts just as much as healing them. Blame the long, stressful hours for the bump-and-grind in the on-call room. Women in the medical field tops off the list at No. 1. Meanwhile, trade work dominates the No. 1 spot for men because they often work irregular hours, making it easier to fly under the radar.

Are you hot for teachers? This survey found educators are the second most likely group of women to cheat.  Along with male IT workers who know just what buttons to push!

Other careers such as legal, marketing, finance, and even hospitality made the cut.

Click here for the complete list just in case you're thinking of a career change.

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