Austin teen charged with murder for hire plot in his father’s death

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AUSTIN, Texas - A shocking turn of events for a March 2018 murder in Austin. Nick Shaughnessy, 19, and his wife Jaclyn Edison have been charged with hiring a hitman to kill Nick's father Ted Shaugnessy.

Footage captured Nick and his wife at the crime scene back in March. That's when someone broke into the family home and killed Ted, an Austin jewelry store owner.

Nick's neighbor, Caleb Miller, in College Station says he spoke to Nick when it all happened and he found some reactions "bizarre"

Miller says, " He told me his father passed away, and I expressed my condolences, and something that I found a little odd was he sent me the police report in Austin of what happened and basically told me his father was murdered, so I felt incredibly awful for him as a normal person would... Everyone grieves differently but he, it just didn't seem to faze him."

Police say the evidence points to Nick and his wife approaching three different people about killing his parents. While searching the apartment, investigators found bullets matching casings at the crime scene, and also believe Nick's parents' home alarm was accessed remotely from Nick's computer back in College Station.

Cops also believe someone logged into the system and manually deleted footage from his parents' security cameras - erasing video evidence of the deadly shooting.

Sharon Linsalata owns a toy store in Austin and treated the Shaugnessys like she does all her customers,  like family.

Linsalata says, "They were a wonderful family, absolutely wonderful. Ted and his wife used to come in when their son was real little. He would get into the racing with his son. Ted was pretty proud of Nick, he was pretty proud."

She's now shaken by the accusations leveled at the young boy she once knew.

Linsalata added, "When you know someone and the family has been so positive and loving and for something like that to happen, it's hard to comprehend... I don't want to believe that he would come to that place within his life. It's extremely sad to think that"

NIck is being held on a three-million dollar cash bond while Edison is being held on a million dollar bond.

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