Texas, other states hit by heavy storm with winds strong enough to flip mobile home in Austin!

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AUSTIN, Texas - Mother nature unleashed some nasty storms across the Lone Star State overnight, especially around Austin, where thousands lost electricity and a mobile home was flipped over by strong winds!

Austin fire fighters tweeted they had to cut through the trailer's roof and use other rescue tools to pull out a man along with a woman who were trapped inside the mobile home.

Authorities say the man suffered significant injuries and was taken to a hospital.

An American Airlines flight out of San Antonio bound for Phoenix had to make an emergency landing in El Paso because severe hail forced the plane down.

Unbelievably, the plane's nose was almost gone due to the heavy hail!

Meanwhile, in Arkansas downed trees littered the Forrest City area where high winds wreaked havoc on fences and streets.

Up in Ellicott City, Maryland, continued rainfall led to plenty of concerns over more flooding through the city's water logged streets.

"They canceled our access last night.  It was understandable," business owner Mark Hemiss said.

Even the city's town clock was washed away in recent flooding, but it turned up down stream in the Patapsco River right in the nick of time!

The clock was also washed away in serve flooding back in 2016, so this watery Deja Vu is hard on locals— who just want to keep their families safe.

"I learned from the last flood that I need to spend some more time connecting with them, and just being here all the time [...] try to do normal things," Hemiss added.

In nearby D.C., more trees came tumbling down!

"Just heard a little roar, kind of a rumble, wasn't sure what it was," Georgetown resident Scott Altman remarked.

One tree blew over, crushing three cars and damaging a town house.

Across town, another downed tree left a huge hole in the roof of this home.

"It's just open in the living room," Lanham resident Anton Jones revealed.

All these folks just want one thing: the storms to pass!

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