Viral Video: Florida gator rearranges patio furniture 

FLORIDA — In Florida it's pretty common to see and maybe even have an alligator encounter, but who knew these gators would be giving home makeovers?

Mary Charbonneau woke up Sunday morning to find her patio furniture completely rearranged.

"I asked my husband hey why is the furniture in front of the door? I thought well maybe when he was mowing the yard he had moved it,” Charbonneau said.

Her husband pulled up their security camera footage only to find that a person wasn't to blame.

"He said 'oh Mary you're gonna wanna see this,” Charbonneau said.

A gator redecorated, and it was all caught on camera."He paused a little bit and you can see his tail sticking out here, and his tail disappeared. He got tangled up in all this furniture, it's heavy furniture and he dragged it to the front door,” said Mary’s husband Mike Charbonneau.

The unexpected redecorating happened at 1:40 in the morning! Shocked that they didn't hear a thing, the Charbonneau's are just thankful their family is safe.

"We've seen gators in the neighborhoods in the ponds and stuff, and nothing coming up in people yards, so this is a first for us. We're glad we didn't open the door for him at 1:40 in the morning,” Charbonneau said.

This decorating gator definitely left his mark.