After Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of Colorado baker, the Alley Theatre’s ‘The Cake’ play seems even more relevant

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HOUSTON - Sometimes life imitates art.  Right now, art seems to be imitating life.

"The Cake" opened over the weekend at the Alley Theatre. It follows a gay couple to North Carolina to plan their wedding.  The local baker refuses to make their wedding cake based on her religious beliefs.

If the story sounds familiar, it should. It was inspired, in part, by the same scenario in Colorado six years ago that led to legal action all the way to the Supreme Court. On Monday, the Supremes sided with the baker.

Candice D'Meza portrays one of the brides in the play.

"Everybody's really excited. We didn't know that the timeliness of this play was gonna be so relevant!" she said.

Michael Pemberton, who portrays the baker's husband, explained, "Basically strangers walked into the shop to order the cake. In this case we've got family involved."

That's the plot twist. The baker practically raised one of the brides, so it's more personal than political.

"The goal, I suppose, of our production is to get people talking," said the director, Jackson Gay.

"So that people can really digest it and figure out how we should deal with those that we love around us and then extend that into larger and larger circles of influence," added D'Meza.

"And I think the play does a brilliant job of offering a balanced conversation," Pemberton said.

Religious advocates say Monday`s ruling is a big win for the 1st amendment.  Gay rights advocates say thank goodness it only applies to the Colorado case, otherwise it would be discrimination.  Those involved with the Alley production enjoy giving both sides something to talk about!

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