Funny video: Texas Amazon delivery man hides woman’s package from husband, as instructed by the doormat

FORT WORTH, Texas — We've all tried to hide our online shopping habits from someone. According to CNN Money, 80% of shoppers hide purchases from their significant others on a regular basis, but one Texas woman may have all the answers for us.

Vanessa O'Shea's doormat in front of her house near Ft. Worth is something all online shopping wives may need to invest in. It reads "Please hide packages from my husband," and it actually worked.

This Amazon delivery man went above and beyond when he did just as the doormat said, and he hid the package behind the porch chair.

Hey, not all heroes wear capes, right?

The O'Sheas captured the hilarious delivery moment on their doorbell security camera. The couple says they got a pretty good laugh out of it, and apparently so has everyone else. The video has already received more than 9 million views on Facebook.

This Amazon delivery person is now getting all the praise for helping out this Texas wife, and she's looking for him to thank him for his efforts.

O'Shea says she bought the mat as a joke for her husband, but is happy the delivery man followed the directions.