California voters oust judge who gave Brock Turner only 6 months for sex assault

SANTA CLARA COUNTY, Calif. — Everybody has their own opinion on just about everything. Voters in California are no different, especially, it seems, when it comes to controversial superior court judge Aaron Persky.

"We promise as judges to rule on the facts and the law, and not on public opinion."

But Persky has been judged by public opinion and at the polls. The verdict is in: He is out!

You may remember, Persky presided over the court case involving former Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner. The promising student athlete was found guilty of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman outside a campus frat party. He faced a maximum of 14 years behind bars.

Prosecutors wanted him to serve six years. However, Persky sentenced Turner to six months—  a sentence considered far too lenient, at least in the court of public opinion.

Persky is a Stanford grad and has been on the bench in Santa Clara County for 15 years.  The campaign to recall him began in June 2016, almost immediately after he sentenced Turner to jail time followed by three years probation. Turner was released after serving only three months, which only seemed to fuel anti-Persky campaigners to oust him.

This is the first time since 1932 voters in California have chosen to recall a sitting judge. The vote to dis-robe him was by about a 20% margin.  before the vote, Persky and his supporters said a successful recall would make it harder for judges to remain independent with their rulings.

"Every day in every county in this state individuals walk into courtrooms and they see up on the bench, a person in a black robe."

That's still true. But now, it won't be him!

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