Corpus Christi resident fighting for his life after being bitten by dismembered rattlesnake

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A Corpus Christi woman has a heads up for anyone who spends time outdoors.

Jennifer Sutcliffe says her husband is still recovering from a rattlesnake bite that happened after he cut the reptile's head off!

The wife says she was in the yard gardening when she saw a rattlesnake of at least 3 feet long. The snake appeared to rise into a striking position, and she screamed for her husband to come help, she said.

He grabbed a shovel and did what many people would do— cut the snake's head off.

Sutcliffe says about 10 minutes later, her hubby went to move the snake's body and the detached head bit his hand! He had to be flown to the hospital in a helicopter in critical condition.

Doctors said the snake released all of its venom into the bite because it needs its body to control how much gets used.

Sutcliffe's husband needed 26 doses of antivenin over a three day period to stay alive.

He was on a ventilator for five days. He's now out of the ICU, but he's still undergoing dialysis for kidney failure.

In the meantime, Sutcliffe says her family has received a lot of hateful messages online for killing the snake, but she felt like she had no choice.

She says she has two small grandchildren and a dog that she was scared for.

And now we can all be scared of headless snakes! ...but hey, at least we got a heads up!

A GOFUNDME has been set up to help with medical expenses.