Terminal D at IAH reopens after impatient passenger issues false threat at ticket counter

HOUSTON— The Houston Police Department bomb squad has confirmed that Terminal D is clear after a possible bomb threat Wednesday.

Police responded to the terminal around 8:45 a.m. after receiving reports of a person in possession of explosives at Terminal D.

According to Bill Begley, spokesperson for the Houston Airports System, an impatient passenger at a ticket counter issued the false threat.

"That immediately triggers protocols for safety," Begley said. "We cleared out the terminal, set up a perimeter about a thousand feet [and] contact HPD."

HPD and airport personnel evacuated the terminal and redirected passengers.

The terminal reopened moments later after the bomb squad gave an all-clear, Begley said.

"If you make any statement like that in an airport, we're going to take it seriously," Begley added. "We're going to take the steps necessary to ensure that everybody who comes to our airport is able to travel safely as possible.

The passenger was detained for questioning, it hasn't been released whether they'll face any charges.

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