Both airports. Both false alarms. Other disturbing items TSA agents recently found at Houston’s major airports

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HOUSTON — Houston air travelers experienced quite the headache this week while commuting through both the city's major airports— first a bomb threat made by an impatient passenger at Bush and then a disturbingly realistic toy grenade found at a Hobby security checkpoint the next morning!

Flight delays, both foot- and car-traffic congestion mixed with a tad bit of panic left many fliers frustrated and exhausted. Luckily, both situations were quickly confirmed as false alarms thanks to protocols executed by the Houston Police Department, Houston Airport Systems, Transportation Security Administration and other safety-related agencies.

And it's always better safe than sorry, right? Of course, it would also save resources if travelers took a quick look at the official list of items allowed by TSA.

For the past two days, travelers have caught a glimpse of these organizations working full-force to neutralize any possible threat. However, keeping Houston's airports — as is true in many U.S. cities — is an around-the-clock mission that starts long before a threat can reach the terminal.

Here's a look at other potential threats TSA checkpoint agents recently confiscated at Bush and Hobby airports:

Ninja stars found at Bush Intercontinental Airport:

Throwing knives found at Bush Intercontinental Airport:

Dangerous item hidden in Nature Made pill bottle found at Bush Intercontinental Airport:

Switch blade found at Bush Intercontinental Airport:

Speargun found at Hobby Airport:

Nine smoke grenades found at Bush Intercontinental Airport on Feb. 1:

Meat cleaver found at Bush Intercontinental Airport:

Machete found at Hobby Airport on May 16:

Novelty grenade found at Hobby Airport on June 7:

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