Simon Says: Why sports and politics go together like mac & cheese!    

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HOUSTON -- Here we go again! We're months from the start of the NFL,  and yet we can’t let go of the whole anthem controversy in football.

If I hear one more person tell me they want to keep sports and politics separate, I’m gonna’ bite my tongue and think…'WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!'

That’s because no matter how many ways you dissect and slice “Sports and Politics,” you can’t separate these two.

Remind anyone who knows about the Olympics.

Major league Baseball.

In the NBA, there’s a guy on the New York Knicks wanted in Turkey for talking politics.

Sports and politics, it’s like peanut butter and jelly, or macaroni and cheese, they just go together.

But Have you noticed? We’re good at acting like certain things shouldn’t exist with each other.

It has not been hard to find examples.

In just the past few days,  we’ve heard how the government thinks  guns don’t belong in a conversation about school safety in the wake of Parkland and Santa Fe.

We’ve seen how “sex appeal” doesn’t belong with Miss America.  (Although, there are some pageant people who’ve been upset about this trend for awhile.)

I could go on with other examples, like the people leading protests how sex education shouldn’t belong in public schools.

And there’s that  guy I know, who thinks immigration policy and racism are two different conversations

Sports, guns, sex, immigration –it’s like when it comes to looking at the big picture, there are those who think small.

Yeah, we need to talk to each other, and not come-up with excuses thinking  you’re the one who decides what’s included in the dialogue.

So maybe, maybe this whole anthem debate will eventually calm down when more people accept these two things (sports and politics) are joined at the hip.

Which could mean taking a knee might not hurt so much.

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