Flipping Out: Summer camps ‘roll out’ at Republic Gymnastics & Dance

CYPRESS, Texas — Are you looking for something to keep your kiddos occupied over the summer? There is a brand new Republic Gymnastics & Dance in Cypress that will host different types of summer camps for your active kids during the summer.

Republic Gymnastics & Dance owners Alicia Schawab and Kevin Kubeczka chatted with CW39’s Morning Dose. Maggie Flecknoe about what kids and parents can expect at their brand new gym.

Kristi Mattheessen, office manager, mentioned to Morning Dose. viewers different programs offered at Republic Gymnastics & Dance and fun-filled activities that kids --- even parents --- can enjoy.

Dance like no one is watching! Christina Sefara, dance director, mentioned to viewers how Republic Gymnastics & Dance's dance camp will make any child a champion.

Isaiah Mixon, boys & tumbling director, mentioned to viewers that Republic Gymnastics & Dance offers tumbling classes -- where kids --- even Maggie --- can enjoy.

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