Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee speaks about the crisis in Guatemala

HOUSTON --- Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee rallied in Houston today for the protection of GuatemalanĀ  s fleeing their country after the devastating volcanic eruption.

"The volcano in Guatemala caused a high number of deaths, they don't have the total number. There are people who are fleeing and may wind up at the nation's southern border. With that in mind, it would be preferable for us to be able to help them. But if they come to the border, we want to make sure they are given a fair opportunity for some form of relief. I say that because reports have come to me that our border has been turned into a sight of distress", Jackson-Lee said.

The Mexican government continues to provide aid and relief efforts for those affected by the eruption of Guatemala's Fuego Volcano.

All this comes as families travel to the southern border seeking asylum.