Caught on Camera: Subway brawl breaks out as one fighter bites off the other’s lip!

NEW YORK — Talk about paying lip service!

When this New York brawl broke out at a Brooklyn subway station, one of the fighter's paid a heavy price— actually losing part of his lip when the other guy bit it off!

"Bite him! Bite him! Bite him!" different spectators appear to yell during the scuffle.

The whole nasty battle was caught on camera by an onlooker as the crowd seemed to egg on the violence.

Still, other bystanders just walked past the fight as if it were no big deal.

But then one of the brawlers seemed to get a bright idea about biting.

It looks like things really turned ugly at that point, but neither fighter would back down.

The taller man seemed to pin the shorter one at a vending machine, and that's when things really got bloody.

Police say the taller man bit the other man's lip and jaw, literally biting off part of his lip.

Blood was everywhere on the subway floor.

Eventually, the lip biter bit the dust since he sprinted away from the scene.

Cops say the victim was then taken to the hospital.

The whole bloody mess is under investigation, though no arrests have been made. But after all that, it's fair to say someone bit off more than he could chew!?!?!