Kailee Mills Foundation & METRO team up to raise awareness for car safety

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HOUSTON — Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death in the U.S., and one local family has teamed up with METRO to raise awareness for car safety through the Kailee Mills Foundation.

"Safety and service to our community is our top priority at metro we are proud to partner with organizations like the Kailee Mills Foundation because it means we can do our part to protect and save lives,” METRO Police Chief Vera Bumpers said.

David and Wendy Mills started the foundation after they lost their daughter in 2017 to a fatal one car accident. "The car that she was riding in veered off the road and rolled over. She was ejected from the car and she died instantly,” David Mills said.

Kailee was in the backseat of the car, when she took off her seat belt to take a selfie with her friends and moments later the crash happened.

"My wife and I started the Kailee Mill Foundation to raise awareness on how important it is to always where your seat belt no matter how far you are driving,” Mills said.

Kailee was only traveling a mile down the road and a mere 500 yards from her house when this happened.

“Always protect yourself, never let your guard down. It only takes one time for it to be the wrong time,” Mills said.

"There have been more than 30,000 crashes involving teens this year alone, and there have been 62 deaths as a result of that. These aren't just numbers or statistics each injury or fatality represents someone’s loved ones,” Bumpers added.

For the next three days METRO and volunteers from the Kailee Mills Foundation will canvas 10 area park and rides to speak with drivers and share information on the importance of using your seat belt.

"Buckle up for Kaliee, buckle up for life, and live on,” Mills said.

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