Whoa big fella! Texas deputy snags Blue Indigo snake from Bee County resident’s bathroom

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BEE COUNTY, Texas — You won’t need coffee to get your blood pumpin’ after finding this scaly fella in your bathroom!

On Saturday, the Bee County Sheriff’s Office posted a picture of an officer — identified as Deputy Scotten — pulling a snake from the bathroom vanity of a home on County Road 407.

The dark, slick and lustrous creature was an Eastern Indigo snake— otherwise known as a blue indigo, Texas indigo or gopher snake.

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Despite being nonvenomous and often considered harmless, the snake can be intimidating because of its size. Among the longest snakes found in Texas, adults average from 5.5 to 6.5 feet in total length but can reach up to more than 8 feet in some case. The species loves snacking on other snakes — including venomous ones — birds, small mammals and bite-size reptiles like frogs.

The sheriff’s office confirmed the reptile was not harmed during capture and was released back into the bush.

Due to recent weather, the department reported it has seen an increase in snake calls. Local residents are encouraged to be on the lookout, and if they find a snake near their home, they should contact sheriff deputies if help is needed.

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