Upcoming iOS update keeps hackers out of your phone, but also police investigators

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HOUSTON— Apple plans to include a controversial new feature in an upcoming iPhone and iPad update. The iOS software feature will disable data transfer on devices through the lightning port.

According to Apple, the update is meant to prevent identity theft and hack attacks but will also stop law enforcement from accessing personal information to help solve crimes.

Cell Phone Hospital employees Usman Rafiq and Gabby Gonzalez work with these devices all day and believe the Apple update will benefit customers, but they can understand the concerns.

"It's protecting and giving the customers of Apple that security that no one is going to get inside their phone to be able to get any of the information that they have," Rafiq said.

"I see the bad," Gonzalez added. "It's not going to be able to help the officers solve crime and what not, but, then again, it's like why are they invading our privacy sometimes?"

The government wants tech companies like Apple to include ways to get around encryption and other security measures, but so far those companies have objected to such requests.

You can bet there will be more updates on the updates.

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