Bombshells sued by Houston police officer injured in crash with drunken driver

HOUSTON — Another bomb has dropped in the case against Bombshells on the Gulf Freeway. That's the place Harris County DA Kim Ogg slapped with a temporary restraining order, halting the sale of alcohol.

Houston police officer Chayne Brothers is suing Bombshells after an intoxicated driver crashed into him. The driver had just left Bombshells.

"They're putting everybody in Houston at risk because they have knowingly served minors alcohol, which is against the rules. They've been cited something like 70 times in the past two years the district attorney has called them a crime factory,” Brothers' attorney Brian Beckcom said.

Brothers suffered serious injuries.

"I can't wait to be back on the job. It's just kind of a bummer not being able to be out there every night helping the citizens of Houston,” Brothers said.

The DA’s office says this Bombshells location has a history of serving drinks to drunken or underage patrons, leading to several arrests and drunken driving cases. "Frankly they're dangerous and it's safer for the city of Houston if they get shut down,” added Beckcom.

The restaurant's owner did just that — shutting down completely rather than staying open and only selling food.

The DA says the temporary restraining order will likely be extended.

"This is not just limited to one Bombshells location it has to do with a complete and total lack of leadership at the top a complete and total lack of concern about the safety of the citizens of Houston,” Beckcom added.