Man delivers pizza to immigrants found in semi-truck in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — More than 60 undocumented immigrants are in custody after being found at a stash house Tuesday in Laredo.

U.S. Border Patrol agents said arrestees were from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, waiting to be taken deeper into the country on the same day in San Antonio. More than 50 people were caught after investigators say they ran from a refrigerated truck.

"My fiancé said it was just like a big herd of people on the roof [that] ran over and jumped to the other side," San Antonio resident John Monroe said.

One man saw news coverage of the immigrants and noticed they were being given water but not food, so he picked up a few pizzas and delivered them to authorities.

"They're not here to commit crime," Armando Colunga said. "They're here for a better life, to work. They're harder working people than some of our people here that are citizens."

The undocumented immigrants are in custody along with a Laredo resident suspected of driving the truck. He's expected to be charged with federal human smuggling.

In July 2017, dozens undocumented immigrants were found in the back of a big rig and at least 10 of them died. That driver was sentenced to life in prison.