Officer fires multiple shots at suspect’s vehicle during chase in south Houston, police say

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HOUSTON — A Houston police officer says he was forced to fire his gun at some alleged car thieves Monday

The Houston Police Department received a call around 9:30 a.m. from a man who claimed to be following his stolen BMW on the city’s south side. Officers pursued the car, and thought they had the thieves pinned near Fuqua and Sabo, when the car started backing up in the cop’s direction. That’s when one officer felt he had no other choice but to fire his gun.

“We think approximately four times,” Asst. Chief Sheryl Victorian said. “There were shots that were delivered to two tires on the vehicle.”

The thieves sped off but didn’t get very far since the car’s tires were shredded. Officers caught and cuffed the trio in the 5300 block of S. Shaver Road. The officer who fired the shots will remain on administrative duty for three days while police investigate.

The good news, the victim gets his car back in relatively good condition, but Houston police have some thoughts on regular citizens jumping into the fray.

“We do not advise citizens to get involved in chases of their own vehicle for their own safety,” Victorian said.

Good advice — keep calm, and call the cops!

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