Inside Story: Astroworld turns 50 years old

HOUSTON — Who remembers Astroworld?  The Bayou City's one of a kind theme park turns 50 this month. It may be closed, but it's never forgotten!

Let's reflect together on days of Astroworld past, and wonder if H-Town will ever have another amusement park like it again.

When the 50-acre park closed in 2005, the city went into mourning. No more Tidal Wave, Looping Starship, Sky Screamer or Texas Cyclone for any of us.

Yet, what many remember as some factors killing Houston’s play land were season tickets so cheap, parents started dumping their kids there as a makeshift daycare and gang activity so high, the park installed metal detectors.

But the main closing factor was the rising value in the land the park sat on, so Six Flags closed it to sell high. And low and behold, the land still stands empty today, perhaps waiting for a new thrill-seeking opportunity to open a new Astroworld in its place.

In 2016, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner went on record saying he wanted to see a permanent, year-round Astroworld-type attraction in the city.

After all, a world class city needs a world class theme park. Don't you agree?

To read more about Astroworld's past and a look into Houston’s possibly thrilling future, pick up this month’s issue of Houstonia.