New development in The Heights could cause flooding issues for residents

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HOUSTON - Rain, rain, go away! We don't need yo flood today!

In the post-Harvey world, it seems like any rain puts everyone in a panic and for good reason.

But families in Timbergrove Manor Subdivision in the Heights are worried about more than just the rain.

The empty land adjacent their homes is being developed, and they want to make sure the new 77 lot Stanley Park subdivision doesn't flood. Developers are trucking loads of fill dirt to raise the land above flood level.

Leaving the question, where's the water going to go?

NewsFix reached out to the developer, Lovett Homes, for their side of the story. But they only gave two words, “No comment.”

And while NewsFix crews were there, Harris County Flood District showed up. Yet, they tell us this issue falls under the City of Houston’s jurisdiction.

But residents say it should never be developed in the first place.

A new study says 5,500 homes lining the Texas Coast could find themselves under water by 2030, thanks to sea level increases caused by climate change -- putting $1.2 billion in property value at risk.

The study goes on to say by 2100, depending on the amount of global warming emissions we release, the number of homes lost jumps to 46,000.

Geez, when it rains it pours.

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