World Cup 2018: Schedule and results

World Cup 2018: Every matchup and kickoff time listed

(CNN) — With so many teams, fixtures, groups and timings you would be forgiven to lose track of your favorite team’s schedule. Fortunately, this handy guide will tell you all you need to know for the pending matches and results. Remember to keep checking back for updates.

Schedule of matches (Kickoff times BST)

Thursday June 14
Group A: Russia 5-0 Saudi Arabia

Friday June 15
Group A: Egypt 0-1 Uruguay
Group B: Morocco 0-1 Iran
Group B: Portugal 3-3 Spain

Saturday June 16
Group C: France 2-1 Australia
Group D: Argentina 1-1 Iceland
Group C: Peru 0-1 Denmark
Group D: Croatia 2-0 Nigeria

Sunday June 17
Group E: Costa Rica 0-1 Serbia
Group F: Germany 0-1 Mexico
Group E: Brazil 1-1 Switzerland

Monday June 18
Group F: Sweden 1-0. South Korea
Group G: Belgium 3-0 Panama
Group G: Tunisia 1-1 England

Tuesday June 19
Group H: Colombia 1-2 Japan
Group H: Poland 1-2 Senegal
Group A: Russia 3-1 Egypt

Wednesday June 20
Group B: Portugal 1-0 Morocco
Group A: Uruguay 1-0 Saudi Arabia
Group B: Iran 0-1 Spain

Thursday June 21
Group C: Denmark 1-1 Australia
Group C: France 1-0 Peru
Group D: Argentina 0-3 Croatia

Friday June 22
Group E: Brazil 2-0 Costa Rica
Group D: Nigeria 2-0 Iceland
Group E: Serbia 1-2 Switzerland

Saturday June 23
Group G: Belgium 5-2 Tunisia
Group F: South Korea 1-2 Mexico
Group F: Germany vs. Sweden

Sunday June 24
13:00 – Group G: England vs. Panama
16:00 – Group H: Japan vs. Senegal
19:00 – Group H: Poland vs. Colombia

Monday June 25
15:00 – Group A: Saudi Arabia vs. Egypt
15:00 – Group A: Uruguay vs. Russia
19:00 – Group B: Iran vs. Portugal
19:00 – Group B: Spain vs. Morocco

Tuesday June 26
15:00 – Group C: Australia vs. Peru
15:00 – Group C: Denmark vs. France
19:00 – Group D: Iceland vs. Croatia
19:00 – Group D: Nigeria vs. Argentina

Wednesday June 27
15:00 – Group F: South Korea vs. Germany
15:00 – Group F: Mexico vs. Sweden
19:00 – Group E: Serbia vs. Brazil
19:00 – Group E: Switzerland vs. Costa Rica

Thursday June 28
15:00 – Group H: Japan vs. Poland
15:00 – Group H: Senegal vs. Colombia
19:00 – Group G: England vs. Belgium
19:00 – Group G: Panama vs. Tunisia

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