Terry Thompson trial ends after judge declares a mistrial

HOUSTON – After 29 hours and 33 minutes of jury deliberation, a mistrial has been declared in the Terry Thompson trial.

The jury had four options they were weighing. they could have found Thompson not guilty, or guilty of murder, manslaughter or criminally negligent homicide.

Because a decision could not be made, a mistrial was declared. A mistrial is treated as if the trial never happened, so that means both sides will have to start over.

No one is more upset than the family of John Hernandez.

Supporters of the Hernandez family will hold a demonstration against the mistrial of Terry Thompson on Monday, then march to District Attorney Kim Ogg’s office.

Thompson allegedly murdered John Hernandez more than a year ago, when he placed Hernandez in a choke hold for more than ten minutes at a Denny’s parking lot in Crosby.

Thompson`s wife, former Harris County Deputy Chauna Thompson is accused of assisting in the killing and is scheduled for trial in October.

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