Former UH student sentenced to 18 months in prison for supporting ISIS 

HOUSTON — A former University of Houston mechanical engineering student will spend 18 months behind bars for supporting ISIS.  Asher Kahn, 23,  will also be supervised for five years after his release from prison.

Kahn is a U.S. citizen from Spring, but he was arrested this past December and plead guilty for his role attempting to support the terrorist organization.  He's been free on bond, but on Monday, Kahn learned his fate from U.S. district judge Lynn Hughes.

Kahn had relocated to Australia with plans to join ISIS fighters in Syria alongside a former classmate from Klein Oak High School.  The friend died after joining the Jihadist insurgency.  Kahn got cold feet in Turkey, en route to Syria, and returned home.

But the U.S. attorney's investigation revealed Kahn had not given up the idea of joining the organization responsible for producing and posting execution videos online.

In December, he told a federal judge he knew what ISIS was doing and said he "stupidly bought into their propaganda."

Now he's paying dearly for that decision.

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