Protesters gather outside DA’s office as plans for retrial of Terry Thompson are announced

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HOUSTON - Protesters took to the streets outside the Harris County District Attorney's Office marching in support of John Hernandez and against the mistrial declared in the Terry Thompson murder case.

"We need to come together and let the Thompsons know that these two are murderers!" an activist shouted.

"We just want to make sure that they know that the family is watching, that we'll keep a close eye on this-- and that we will try to keep this case alive, not only for John, but for the family as well," local activist Cesar Espinosa told NewsFix while also calling for peaceful responses via his Twitter account.

After Judge Kelli Johnson's bombshell mistrial declaration, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg wasted no time in responding.

Ogg issued a statement Monday morning saying, "Terry Thompson will be tried again for this homicide - allowing a jury of his peers to resolve this case. Coordination with the court to schedule a trial date is underway."

Thompson's defense attorney Scot Courtney talked to NewsFix first to respond to the DA's very swift retrial announcement.

"And here we are, they take all of— what were they four hours into the first business day?" Courtney remarked.

The attorney said his client will file for a change of venue in any retrial after all the publicity and evidence presented from the first trial, which accused Thompson of murdering Hernandez outside a Crosby Denny's last year.

Courtney says jurors found his client acted in self-defense.

He claims the deadlocked jury voted 11 - 1 in favor of not guilty on the murder charge, 10 - 2 not Guilty on manslaughter, and 8 - 4 not guilty on criminally negligent homicide.

"The jurors were listening to the evidence, were listening to facts," Courtney added.

The attorney says the DA's office appears to be bowing to protests in filing for a new trial, rather than following the facts of the case.

"Personally, I think this is a continuation of what's gotten us here is reflexive reaction to a small group of people calling for justice," Courtney said.

Thompson's attorney predicts at least one bit of evidence from his client's murder trial will impact the murder trial of former Harris County Sheriff's Deputy Chauna Thompson in October that Chauna Thompson gave CPR to Hernandez.

"She absolutely was the first person to attempt to save his life," Courtney revealed, adding that it certainly doesn't sound like a murder case to him.

Looks like there's much more court room drama to come!

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