Texas Land Commissioner Bush delivers long-awaited Federal Harvey funds to Houston and Harris County

HOUSTON - After months of picking up the pieces post-Harvey, Houstonians heard from Texas Land Commissioner-- George P. Bush-- that Harvey funds are finally flowing their way.... "setting up a direct allocation to truly have a locally-crafted recovery effort, from a housing perspective, for the great city of Houston," Bush announced.

Fortunately, the Federal government is doling out a lot of dough to help meet local needs from Harvey's catastrophic damages.

"Secretary Carson has approved the largest block grant in response to a natural disaster in the history of the state of Texas, exceeding over $5 billion with over $1.15 billion coming to the City of Houston in a loan with a focus on housing," Bush explained.

"There's still not enough money to meet all of the needs, so there's gonna be some people whose situations may not see much improvement because there's not enough for everybody," Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner remarked.

But Turner says focusing on those with unmet needs should at least improve lots of Houstonians' lives.

Bush also delivered a $45 million block grant to the Harris County Flood Control District for an upcoming flood buyout program.

"And I know we still have a long way to go on the recovery, but steps are being taken, action is being had, and results are being very positive," the mayor added.

"As we continue to rebuild our homes, let's also think about the future to make sure we're mitigating storm surge and other effects from natural disasters in the future," Bush suggested.

And preventing and minimizing future flooding is definitely something Houstonians can get behind!

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