Critter News: Kangaroo crashes a soccer match, ducks rescued in Fort Bend County and pro wrestlers vs. a lion!

CANBERRA, Australia - With World Cup fever spreading across the globe, can you blame this kangaroo for crashing a soccer game down under?

That's what this little hopper decided to do-- dashing right across the field of a women's soccer match in Canberra, Australia.

The little roo even tried his hoof at goalie for a bit before laying down on the job.

The match was delayed a half-hour until a groundskeeper was finally able to send the kangaroo hopping back off the field.

Oh, least he had a G'day, mate!

Meanwhile, in Fort Bend County.......who ya gonna call when ducks get stuck in a storm drain?

You call the Duck Squad.....a.k.a.  the firemen of Engine 93.

A resident says some ducks had fallen into a neighborhood storm drain and were trapped for four days!

Fortunately, Fire Chief Clark and fellas rushed in and safely rescued Daffy Duck and his friends.

Now that's a lucky duck!

Next up.....during a visit to the San Antonio Zoo, just how many WWE pro wrestlers does it take to beat out a lion cub in a friendly tug of war?

Well, looks like it takes more than three!

Check it out......this two-and-a-half-year-old lion cub was stronger than all three of the brawny wrestlers!

"Just let us know when you guys are ready to tap out," zoo officials told the wrestlers.

All three gave up the rope.

"She's not moving," one wrestler observed.


She didn't even bat an eye while they were struggling and working up a sweat.

And that's not lyin!'

Finally....we never know how long we have with our best friends, so that's why Jasmine Larson in Denver decided to take along her best friend--a 10-year-old Cocker Spaniel named 'Boo Boo'-- on one of her annual summer mountain climbs to the top of the world-- on Mount Sherman....some 14,036 feet above sea level.

“I talk to him all the time," Jasmine confessed during the steep climb. "He’s like, ‘Aw, she’s crazy. I just deal with it.'"

It's a journey like no other.

"The fact that I'm able to do that and be able to take Boo, every one is a gift," Jasmine remarked.

The unbreakable bond with Boo Boo is something Jasmine will never forget.

"There won't be a replacement for him," she tearfully noted at the peak.

Sadly, Boo Boo passed away just days after their last climb together.

They say all dogs go to heaven, and if so.....Boo Boo is finally at the top of the mountain.

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