Supreme Court judge candidate hails from Talty, TX

HOUSTON— The town of Talty's really small, but word on the street is, thanks to Donny Willett, they may be making some pretty supreme moves.

After Supreme Court Judge Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement on Wednesday, a new fancy robe is up for grabs.

Based on his senior yearbook, this Talty guy has been an overachiever for quite a while.

Donny's already a U.S. Circuit Judge of the Court of Appeals Fifth Circuit— and now he's going for the gold!

"We're proud to have someone from our area under consideration," Talty City Manager James Stroman said.

But on Capitol Hill, there's already debate on how quickly the spot needs to be filled. Either way, this little town is soaking in their shine!

"There are lots of talented people in small towns, and you never can count them out," Stroman said.

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