Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick donating metal detectors to Santa Fe ISD

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick announced Monday he will donate up to 10 metal detectors to the Santa Fe Independent School District.

Pending approval by the school board, the metal detectors will update the security of several school entryways before the upcoming semester starts in August.

Partnering with Patrick is Garrett Metal Detectors, who also agreed to perform a security analysis and train Santa Fe staff for free.

"On the day of the shooting in Santa Fe, I made securing the entrances and exits to our schools a top priority. Santa Fe parents have asked for immediate action to secure the entrances to their schools, and I want to make sure that if the Santa Fe ISD school board wants to install metal detectors, they can do so," Patrick said.

The lieutenant governor is also supporting funding for the Texas School Marshall Program for schools that choose to train and arm school personnel.

It is hoped the donation will encourage the state to match funding and get metal detectors in more schools.