HPD, AAA warn strongly against drinking and driving this 4th of July

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HOUSTON - The Houston Police Department and AAA want you to plan your 4th of July partying now!

“Once you get to a bar, once you get to an event, is not the time and place to decide to catch a cab or to call an Uber. You need to make that plan before you ever leave the house,” said Captain Kenneth Campbell with the Houston Police Department.

Because if you drink and decide to drive - you will get caught.

“The best-case scenario if you don't have a plan, is you will get caught, and you will be charged with DWI.  Thousands of dollars out of your pocket, loss of your license, being on probation, having a conviction that follows you forever, that's a best-case scenario.  Worst-case scenario is you kill yourself or someone else,” said Sean Teare, Harris County District Attorney's Office Vehicular Crimes Unit Chief.

To drive that point home, families of DWI victims have donated the cars driven by their lost loved ones to Krista’s Karing Angels, which raises awareness battling DWI.

“The offender that killed our daughter was just released from prison last Tuesday.  He's going to be on parole for about 10 months. That doesn't bring us any solace,” said Mark Rodriguez with Krista’s Karing Angels.

And if you're thinking cost is an issue, AAA is taking that excuse off the table, too.

“In an effort to combat DWI, AAA Texas will once again offer the Tipsy Toe service from 6 p.m. Wednesday until 6 a.m. Thursday.  That means that drivers can request a free tow up to 10 miles.  Tipsy Tow is offered to AAA members, and non-members who do not have a safe way home,” explained Joshua Zuber with AAA Texas.

You're out of excuses folks.  If you're going to drink, don't drive.  And make your plan now.  The 4th of July should be celebrated, but the 5th shouldn't be a nightmare you'd like to forget.


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