Ice cream truck driver beaten with crowbar in possible road rage incident, police say 

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STOCKTON, Calif. (KTLX) — An ice cream vendor in Stockton was recovering Tuesday after police say the 26-year-old was beaten, and hit on the head with a crowbar, all because three men believed he was driving too slow.

Kelley Drive in Stockton is notoriously known for its violence, drama and crime. But often there are families in the area, who, like most people, just want peace.

"It’s sad to still see that you still feel unsafe," said neighbor Imelda Martinez.

Neighbors were disheartened when they heard that suspected road rage led to the beating of the ice cream vendor.

"That’s very disappointing because he’s just like everybody else that’s struggling," said neighbor Hodari Wilson.

Joe Silva with the Stockton Police Department says the vendor was driving on Kelley Drive near West Hammer Lane Monday night when three men in a silver sedan started screaming at the victim.

"He was in that neighborhood, trying to sell ice cream to kids and their families and he didn’t do anything wrong," Silva told FOX40.

Silva says the vendor feared for his safety. He pulled over but that didn’t stop the men.

"The people that did something wrong last night were the ones that pulled up next to him, yelling obscenities at him, telling him he’s driving too slow," Silva said.

Officers say the men beat the vendor and then hit him on the head with a crowbar. The vendor was taken to a hospital and will be OK.

"I feel like no one should get beat, period, with anything, and with a crowbar that’s inhumane," Wilson said.

For parents like Martinez, the latest violence is just another reason for her to son to play safely inside, away from the drivers she says speed in her neighborhood.

"I don’t bring my son out here," she said. "Even being on the sidewalk is a little too much for me."

Officer Silva says the intersection where the attack happened is quite busy, meaning someone out there must have seen what happened to the vendor. If you have any information about the road rage incident please contact police.

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